Smith-Goodin Family Reunions — Past & Present

If you have information on any Smith-Goodin Family reunions, either in the past or in the future, please let us know. We would love to see your family reunion photos as well.

  • August 2005:

  • Smith-Goodin Family Reunion — "Our Ancestors"

    We are attempting to organize a family reunion of as many of our Smith-Goodin family members as possible. Please join us to meet family members for the first time and to visit with relatives you have not seen in years! Since a reunion of this group has not been held in years, it would be fun to reconnect with long lost cousins, aunts and uncles, as well as newly discovered relatives. Bring along your old and new family photos and share your family stories and history! Prior to the reunion, we will request copies of your traditional family recipes which will be compiled into a Smith-Goodin Cookbook, and if you have any quilters in your family, let me know. A project has been suggested if there are enough interested quilters in the family. If you are your family’s historian, please bring your family tree and history to share with other interested family members!

    We long to hear stories about our ancestors – who were the oldest known generations in our Smith and Goodin lines? How did our ancestors live and provide for their families, when did they move west to homestead and how did they survive tough times? What were their hobbies? What did they enjoy? Fishing? Hunting? Cooking? Gardening? If your ancestors left any written stories, please bring them along to share with the family. Perhaps we can also answer questions about our current generations – who are our oldest living family members? Our youngest family members? Who makes the best homemade ice cream? Who plays the fiddle? Let’s meet and find out!

    Please help us by filling out the survey and returning it to me, by email at the link on the left. Please pass this survey along to as many other family members in your branch as possible and/or send their postal and email addresses to me. Once I receive the responses, I will contact everyone again and we can begin to plan!

    We are considering low-cost charming cabin-type accommodations for a long weekend (3 days, or more if some wish to remain longer?) with group meeting room and kitchen in a park-like setting with various activities for children and adults. We would like to choose a convenient location and keep the costs down to encourage as much participation as possible.


    1. Would you and your family be interested in attending a Smith-Goodin Family reunion?

    2. Please provide the number of people in your family who would like to attend, just to give us an idea of total numbers interested.

    3. A suggestion has been made to meet at a beautiful camp in a park setting in southwest Wyoming; this location has been used very successfully for another family reunion and a family member who lives nearby has offered to assist with the lodging arrangements. Would this be feasible for you and your family? How far would you be willing to drive or fly to attend?

    4. What time of year would be best for you and your family?

    5. Where are you located? – State and City. Please provide your email and postal address for future mailings.

    6. Please list additional family members who you think might not be aware of our website and provide a postal and email address if possible.

    7. Would you like to volunteer to assist in the planning of the reunion?

    8. What would you and your family like to experience at our family reunion?

    9. Every member should have a voice in planning so please send suggestions and ideas related to the theme of learning more about our ancestors.

    10. Would you be interested in a recurring reunion, perhaps every 2 years or so to maintain contact?

    We would love to see as many of you as possible! Please respond, even if you do not think you could attend a reunion within the next year or two, but might be interested at some future time.


  • July 2005:
    A reunion occured this summer between two Smith cousins who had not seen each other for about 65 years!! Mary Lacy Hanson, daughter of Myrtle Smith and Arza Stone Lacy, and her daughter Joyce Clark Collins, visited with Mary's cousin Leroy Smith, son of McKinley Smith and Ruth Smotheran.

    Mary Lacy Hanson and Leroy Smith

    If your family had, or is having a reunion, please let us know. We are attempting to organize a gathering in the very near future. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

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