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June 2007 Highlights:

  • I am slowly catching up with all my email and backlog of requests. If you have written to me and still not received a reply, let me know! It was just lost in the shuffle. The move from Las Angeles to Dallas went well, but with the new job it has taken awhile to catch up with everything and unfortunately the website has had to take second priority for a while. Thanks to all your emails and information I plan to return to adding updates on a regular basis now.
  • Thanks to Michelle Abrajano and Becky Trotter for sharing additions to their Gustavus Smith branch. I will be updating that information this week!
  • The Benningfield Family Website: Thanks also to Alice Benningfield for reminding me about her Benningfield Family website! A link has been added to my home page. The Benningfield family is connected to our Smith family.

    January 2007 Highlights:

  • Happy New Year!!
    I am in the process of updating the site this month. Please let me know if you have additions! We just heard from another Goodin from Kentucky, Joe Goodin, and he is descended from Lewis Goodin (Gooden) who was born in York, Virginia.

    August 2006 Highlights:

  • I am in the process of moving to a new job and new state. Please check back after October for more updates. For those of you who have written, please be patient and I will respond with information as soon as I am settled.

    March 2006 Highlights:

  • John Goodin, Jr. Family Photos: New photo added of John Goodin, Jr. (thanks to Tim and Danny Goodin from this branch!) (March 4)

    January 2006 Highlights:

  • Happy New Year!!!
  • Nathan Goodin Family Photo: New photo added of the Nathan Goodin family (contributed by Tim Goodin). (Jan. 14)

    December 2005 Highlights:

  • Merry Christmas to the Smiths & Goodins!!!

    November 2005 Highlights:

  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    October 2005 Highlights:

  • Happy Halloween!!!
  • David A. Smith Family Tree: Updated as of 23 October 2005.
  • Thanks to Roy Hughes, who has been restoring a local "settler" cemetery in Kansas, we now know the grave sites for several Smiths, Blankenships and Spurlings: "Miranda J. (Smith) Blankenship 1852-1891 is buried in Forest Grove Cemetery, near Effingham, Atchison Co., KS. Next to her is Lacey L. Blankenship 1887-1895 who is the son of Miranda and John R. Blankenship."

    He also mentioned another grave nearby belonging to William T. Spurling who died Sept 13. 1888, aged 21y 4m 22d. After some help from Teresa Spurling, we have identified William T. Spurling as the son of our Margaret E. Smith and James W. "Muttenhead" Spurling.

    The Forest Grove Cemetery near Effingham, Kansas, was originally named the Reece Cemetery and several of the Reece family are buried there. Izetta Ann Blankenship (1871-1933), the younger sister of John R. Blankenship married Thomas Alvin Cohoon, a descendant of the Reece family. (October 18)

  • John Goodin, Sr. Family Tree: Updated; I am still in the process of updating the family trees; please check again for additional updates. Thanks to Lois Harris for her John B. Goodin family branch information; thanks also to Tim Goodin for his Goodin family tree information posted on Ancestry. (October 8)

    September 2005 Highlights:

  • Happy Labor Day!! Please assist compiling our Smith-Goodin Family Archive. Read more about it.

    Additional links have been added to the Smith-Goodin Family Documents page. (Sept. 5)

    August 2005 Highlights:

  • Smith-Goodin Family Reunion Plans: Please read the new announcement and respond to our survey! We would love to see you at a reunion!! (Aug. 23)
  • Joseph Smith Family Photos: New photos added of Joseph and Wilda (Goodin) Smith's children. (Aug. 20)
  • David A. Smith Family Tree and John Goodin, Sr. Family Tree: Updated; I am in the process of updating the family trees; please check again for additional updates. Thanks to Sue Martin for her Hale Family information, Linda Mahoney for her Eddie Sherman Smith family information, Sandra Spence for her Joseph Daniel Smith family information, and John J. Duck for his additional family tree files! (August 16)

  • Smith-Goodin Mystery Photographs: Please help identify various people in these photographs. If you need help identifying photos, send a high resolution photo (at least 300 dpi) and we will post it. (Aug. 8)
  • Wilda (Goodin) Smith's Quilts (newspaper article, ca. March 1955) — If you now possess a Wilda Smith quilt, please let me know. It would be nice to have photos of the many quilts and patterns she used. I have one of her quilts with a flower basket pattern and will add a photo of that quilt in the near future. (Aug. 7)
  • Mary Belle Lacy Hanson celebrates 80th birthday by Joyce Clark Collins (Aug. 7)
  • Wilda (Goodin) Smith's 82nd Birthday celebration (Newspaper article) (Aug. 5)
  • Glenn and Nannie (Smith) Duck celebrate 75 years of marriage: Newspaper article. (Aug. 5)
  • Smith-Goodin Family Obituaries: Added two Lacy obituaries. (Aug. 5)
  • Smith-Goodin Family Reunions: Two cousins visit for the first time in about 65 years! (Aug. 5)
  • Smith-Goodin Family cemetery locations. If you can add to this list, please let us know. (Aug. 5)
  • History of Arza Stone Lacy and Family by Joyce Clark Collins. Joyce has written a wonderful history of her grandfather and his family which describes the tough life our grandparents experienced.

  • NOTICE: If you or your parents have not had time to begin to record your family stories, please start now, otherwise, the future generations will never know their family history.
    Please let us know if you have additional family stories to contribute to the website! (Aug. 5)

    July 2005 Highlights:

  • Joseph Smith Family Photos: New photos added of Joseph and Wilda (Goodin) Smith's children. If you have additional photos, please let me know since we are missing a few photos for some of the children.

    June 2005 Highlights:

  • Announcing our related Family Recipes Page. If your family has traditional recipes or food related family stories you would like to share, please let us know and we will add them to the page.

    April 2005 Highlights:

  • Lovett Goodin and Mary Warren Family Photos: New photo added of Lovett's son Benjamin F. Goodin and Benjamin's son, Walter Ira. Thanks to Ira Goodin for contributing this photo! (April 12)
  • Please check back often to see additional photos added to both the Smith and Goodin family photo pages. Today two more photos were added to the William Thomas Smith family photo page. (April 12)
  • Memories of Nannie (Smith) Duck (1892-1990): Memories written by my great-grandmother Nannie Ann (Smith) Duck and transcribed by her grandson, John J. Duck. (April 12)
  • David A. Smith Family Tree: Updated family tree. (April 9)
  • Smith-Goodin Photographs: We are in the process of adding more photographs of both families. Please check back often to see new additions. Today we added photographs of the children of William T. Smith. If you have photos you would like to share, contact us and we will add them to the website. (April 5)
  • Welcome to the Smith-Goodin family website! Let us know if you are a member of our family. We will be adding more photos and material over time and we welcome additional material from other members of our family.

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